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Autumn gardening advice
Lynne’s Tips Autumn Top Ten Plants

Autumn is my favourite season. Cool nights and crisp mornings herald Natures most colorful display before winter sets in. It is a great time of year to assess your garden after a long, hot summer and add some worthwhile additions, to complete your overall landscape. May I suggest including any of my top 10. Any of the following are guaranteed to please.

  1. CAMELLIAS — it is Camellia Sasanqua time. The first to flower, this variety will tolerate more sun than the later flowering Japonica variety. Lending themselves to hedging, they can create a private screen with the added bonus of colour in hues that range from the softest pastels to vibrant pinks and reds. Protect from the hottest afternoon sun, in richly prepared soils and you won’t be disappointed.
  2. AZALEAS — we have a great variety of autumn flowerers. Great in planters or as garden plantings, they are surprisingly hardy and very rewarding.
  3. CYCLAMEN — they really do come in to their own at this time of year. Although grown now for year round purchase, may I suggest you add these to your list for autumn. Cold night air promotes flowering, so cyclamen really do perform at this time of year. Did you know that in the right spot they will flower right through till October? Mothers Day just would not be the same without them.
  4. PRUNUS CERASIFERA “OAKVILLE CRIMSON SPIRE“ — like a good bottle of red, the colour of this upright plum is worthy of an addition. I don’t think I have ever seen a tree cope with our hot summers and water limitations quite like this one.
  5. PYRUS CALLERYANA “CAPITAL“ — A proven performer, great for smaller gardens. One of the last to lose its foliage, after a fabulous autumn show.
  6. NANDINA — whether the compact nana or taller domestica, I doubt you will find a better performer. The autumn colour is reminiscent of a crackling fire and seems to thrive in all positions.
  7. JAPANESE BOX — forget the rest. In Sun, or shade, in a pot or garden bed. I have never known this variety to fail. It is the fastest growing of all buxus.
  8. GARDENIA FLORIDA — still flowering until cold weather sets in, how can we resist. Give your gardenia a full morning sun position, in a pot and be constantly rewarded by its perfumed beauty.
  9. CITRUS — no autumn list would be complete without them. Due to arrive in early April, be delighted by the ease of growing your own. Cumquats, lemons, limes, oranges and mandarins are productive additions to any garden, courtyard or balcony. We can help you select the perfect planter, to grow your citrus in!
  10. MURRAYA PANICULATA “ORANGE JESSAMINE“ — summer favorite still flowering into autumn, makes its inclusion worthwhile. Planted in sun or shade, as a specimen or hedge, this star performer will not disappoint. Great stocks are available, but hurry, as they prefer to be planted while the soil is still warm.

Lists always leave something off, but don’t worry, there are loads of other varieties to add to your own personal list. We look forward to helping you select the perfect plants this autumn.

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At The Conservatory Garden and Home we stock a large range of herbs. Starting with healthy plants in the cooler weather assures a well established herb and salad garden right through to the end of summer.
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