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Spring gardening advice

Spring at last! It is an exciting time of year but also a time when gardens need the most attention.

  • FEEDING — Now is the time for the most important feed of the year. Rapid Raiser or Seamungus throughout the garden will get things off to a good start. More specific fertilisers are available for particular plant requirements such as:
    • Harry's Gardenia Food (for Gardenia's of course!)
    • Daphne's Azalea Food
    • Neutrog Sudden Impact for Roses and Lawns
    • Rapid Raiser for all citrus
    • Gypsum for soils which seem a bit heavy and wet
    • Flourish for all your flowering annuals.
  • APHIDS AND CATERPILLARS - They can be busy this time of year, so look out for them. Spray Confidor for aphids and Sucess, as the name sugests, is great against caterpillars.
  • CLIPPING- Aim for new growth on leafy shrubs and hedges to maintain compact and busy habits. Box hedging should be trimmed before it gets too hot to reset the shape of the box.
  • PLANTING- PLANT, PLANT, PLANT! Get your garden growing now whilst soil is still moist and warming up by the day!
We look forward to helping you with your spring plan at The Conservatory were there is always professional advice, wonderful plants and achievable solutions for a beautiful, productive and enjoyable garden.

So get mulching in spring for a water savvy colourful summer!

At The Conservatory Garden and Home you will always find practical gardening advice!

Spring brings fresh
beauty everywhere
September – November


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