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Summer gardening advice
10 quick jobs for keeping your
garden water savvy

  1. Check that your irrigation systems are functioning and that the drippers are focused on your plants.
  2. Mulch your garden beds with pea straw, lucerne or Debco mulch and feed to keep root systems cool and moist and suppress weed growth.
  3. Check that roses are well fed and mulched to cope with the heat of summer. Dead-head the first flush flowers to encourage more growth and repeat flowering.
  4. Feed the garden generally with Rapid Raiser to give it the strength to deal with the heat.
  5. Feed petunias and salvias with Flourish to keep blooms coming. A light nip-back will keep them going and bring plenty of blooms.
  6. Saturaid is a wonderful product for aiding the watering of pots and dry soils. Simply scatter Saturaid on the soil and water in!
  7. Check for thrips on viburnums, spider mite on roses and hydrangeas and spray with Mavrik as required.
  8. Check for caterpillars on veggies and spray with Success.
  9. Water as deeply and thoroughly as possible to develop deep-rooted plants.
  10. Find a tranquil shady spot for an outdoor garden setting and take the time to sit, eat, drink and enjoy your beautiful garden!

At The Conservatory Garden and Home

There are plenty of water savvy plants, shrubs and trees that still provide massed and continuous colour during the summer season.


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