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Winter gardening advice
Get your garden growing in winter!
  • CLEAN AND TIDY— Sweep paths gathering fallen leaves and get them in the compost heap. Also remember to trim dead wood from trees and shrubs.
  • DECIDUOUS FRUIT TREES- They need to be pruned now to get a good balance of fruit and growth and to allow maxium light.
    • Spray peach and nectarine trees with Bordeaux mix to help prevent leaf curl in the spring
  • PRUNING- Roses should be pruned hard now. Cut out old, criss-crossing and weak growth to achieve and open bush.
  • INDOOR PLANTS- Care should be taken to give them a spell in some bright, FILTERED light. For example, place them on a sheltered verandah or patio from time to time. Give longer spells between drinks, but still water thoroughly when you do.
  • SOIL IMPROVEMENT- Winter is a good time to improve soils ready for spring planting. The soil should be easier to dig so turn in Debco Organic Mix, Rapid Raiser, Seamungus, Gypsum or your own compost and manures.
  • FEEDING- Established trees, fruit trees, shrubs and hedging can all be fed now with Seamungus. That way, the winter rains will help to get those nutrients down to the root systems ready for spring growth, flowers and fruit.
  • BOX HEDGING- Prune firmly now so new growth emerges uniformly in Spring.


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