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Our selection includes:

  • Cumquat- Green
  • Lemon- Meyer, Eureka, Lisbon
  • Lime- Tahitian, Kaffir
  • Orange- Blood, Washington Naval
  • Mandarin- Seedless Valencia, Imperial, Japenese Seedless


At The Conservatory Garden and Home you will always find healthy plants and trees!

citrus are the most versatile
of all food trees

It doesn’t matter if you want a gin and tonic, a fresh squeezed orange juice or love to cook. It is so handy to have your very own citrus tree.

Espallier is an excellent way of growing citrus on a hot wall in a confined space either in the ground or a large pot. 

They are both decorative and functional!

PERFECT TIME to start growing citrus in your garden or courtyard!

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